First Visit:

Dr. Winckler prefers to meet patients ahead of scheduling an examination.  This clarifies how much time will be needed and whether or not he is the best choice of doctor for the circumstance.  It is a chance for the patient to ask about the treatment and costs.  There is no charge for this initial consultation.

If you have pertinent lab reports or imaging, this is a good time to bring them.  If your imaging was performed by the Samaritan system in the last several years, he can go online to see them once he has your permission.


Allow 90 minutes.  Dr. Winckler will ask questions and look at the problem area and related areas, until he is reasonably certain of his working diagnosis.  This may include ordering further tests and imaging.  When this is concluded he will tell you what he thinks is causing your problem, and will outline factors leading up to or perpetuating it.

If you are being referred by another doctor, Dr. Winckler will provide a report to that doctor that includes his diagnosis and recommendations.


If Dr. Winckler accepts you as a patient, he will discuss with you what he thinks is needed and why.  Dr. Winckler is primarily a hands-on doctor, and prefers a technique called Nimmo Method, a system that uses finger pressure to find the sources of pain and dysfunction and release them.  Imagine acupuncture without the needles, and based on neurology and body mechanics rather than Chinese meridians.

Dr. Winckler also uses a mix traditional chiropractic manipulation and other techniques, and supports his treatments with a variety of stretching, massage, and conditioning methods.  Expect to learn some exercises.  Allow typically 30 to 45 minutes for a treatment session, depending on the complexity and number of areas treated. Dr. Winckler eschews the “drive-thru” style of practice in favor of accomplishing more in one visit, and seeing solid, long term progress. Most commonly, 6-8 treatment visits accomplishes what is needed in clearing up a problem.

Dr. Winckler believes in having solid goals for treatment, clear methods of monitoring progress, and an understanding of what constitutes success.  He wants you to feel better quickly and have the tools to stay feeling better.


The initial exam is typically $215 (range is 140-320). Treatments visits are typically either $105 or $130 (range is 50-225) depending on areas treated, exercise sessions, massage, update examination (if needed), and so forth. For comparison, the total treatment cost is generally less than the cost of crowning a tooth.

After completing a treatment series, Dr. Winckler recommends wellness care for 6-12 months at monthly intervals. Wellness care is $90 for a 30 minute visit and $120 for a 45 minute visit. Wellness care is also used for the occasional visit as needed after the progress treatment series is complete. An optional fifteen minute wellness massage is available for $30.

The best money saver of all: Do your assigned exercises!  Exercises can easily cut the number of treatments required in half.


Except for original Medicare, auto collision, and worker’s compensation, we do not bill insurance directly, and fees are due at the time of service. We can provide you with a detailed receipt you can send to your insurance company and will try to assist you with that process.  A call to your insurance company will tell you what to expect, or when you come for the consultation, the staff can copy your card and investigate benefits.