John M Winckler DC, DACO

Chiropractor, Chiropractic Orthopedist

Chiropractor + Orthopedist


The science and art of removing mechanical interference in the body to restore health and relieve pain, traditionally focused on the spine.


The evaluation and treatment of disorders of bones, joints, and muscles of the spine and extremities.

Chiropractic Orthopedist:

A chiropractic specialist with advanced training in diagnosis and conservative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.  Chiropractic orthopedists serve as consultants to chiropractors as well as other health professionals, being an interface between traditional and alternative medicine.  Patients may be referred to them by their regular physicians for evaluation or second opinion, and often for concurrent care.  While such a referral or situation is preferred, a patient is welcome to call directly for an appointment.

Dr. Winckler’s approach to patient care:

  1. It is essential to find the cause of the problem, and why it isn’t getting better on its own.
  2. There are usually non-surgical treatment options for musculo-skeletal conditions if the doctor and patient are diligent.
  3. Success with long-standing pain problems usually requires the following triad of treatment:
    • Intervention  (eliminating obstructions to improvement and bringing relief)
    • Exercise  (actively guiding the body to function better)
    • Ergonomics  (solving what might be going on in daily life that aggravates the problem)
  4. Patients should be given the tools to take care of themselves to the greatest degree possible.   Having control over one’s health relieves stress and makes for a happier life.